To impact the present and future generations





Share Your Love Foundation was started by a group of women in Boston, Massachusetts who believed in the value of giving back to communities. Our initial project was to collect clothes to be donated to low-income families in Brazil and Massachusetts. We also organized fundraising events throughout the year.


Expanding Our Vision


We realized that by implementing a comprehensive educational curriculum to help families, in addition to material supplies, our impact could change generations in Brazil and the U.S. We also included in our educational efforts, the Brazilian families living in Massachusetts, who often have limited access to information in their native language, Portuguese. We believe that all families deserve to learn how to increase daily nurturing skills in their routines and children have the right to develop their Emotional Intelligence skills.


Youth Program in Boston


We continue with the Family Support Program in Brazil, increasing our focus on supporting the mothers by attending arts and crafts classes. We believe that emotional and financial strong mothers can provide a larger impact on their children. The desire of giving back to our own community in Massachusetts by expanding the number of youth served became a reality. We started a monthly program for the youth and their parents to encourage social and emotional development, career exploration, college preparation and volunteerism. We believe that every immigrant family can succeed.


Building project


Our organization has been blessed by receiving a piece of land donated by the Presbyterian Church Jardim das Oliveiras in Governador Valadares, Brazil. We look forward to starting to build an Education Center soon. Our goal is to provide after-school programs for children and youth, professional classes and continue to educate families on social and emotional development.