To impact the present and future generations



Since 2014, Share Your Love has been providing support and relief to those who need it the most. From our humble beginnings in Boston, Massachusetts, we’ve grown to a multinational organization from the U.S. to Brazil, expanding the services and types of support we offer to make the biggest impact we can with the resources we have available.

A new beginning

Share Your Love found its origins in Boston when a group of local women banded together in the spirit of giving back. Originally, the sole purpose of Share Your Love was to collect donations of clothing to give to families in need in Boston and in Brazil. The group organized several fundraisers throughout the year and found inspiration in the enthusiastic response of the community.


Growth and Expansion

Inspired by the success of the clothing drives and fundraising support the group had seen in the first year, the founders of Share Your Love realized that with a concerted focus toward organization and development of educational services and curriculum, Share Your Love could have a significant impact that would last for generations.


We began to shift our focus toward developing educational resources and support in addition to gathering and distributing supplies with a renewed focus on educational and financial support. We turned our eye to those who live in Brazil, and to Brazilian families living in Massachusetts who lacked the resources needed to flourish as a direct result of the language barrier they’d encountered. We developed our educational curriculum and resource support systems on the principle that everyone should have access to the resources needed to help their families grow, learn and flourish, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are like.


Boston Youth Outreach Programs

As we continued to provide ongoing support to families in Brazil, expanding our outreach to include engaging mothers in artistic endeavors like crafts classes and community events, we also launched youth outreach programs in Boston to provide educational support to Brazilian youth in Massachusetts. Our Boston-based youth outreach began as a monthly program designed to involve both students and their parents in community events, volunteer opportunities, career exploration and general emotional support and development endeavors. We at Share Your Love believe that every family can achieve success, health and happiness, and we strive to provide the support these families need to do so.


Our next major project

Share Your Love was recently bestowed an incredible gift by the Presbyterian church Jardim das Oliveiras in Governador Valadares, Brazil. We received a piece of land, and for this contribution we are enormously grateful for the services we will be able to provide as a result. We intend to use this new land to build an education center in order to establish after-school programs, new educational support services for families and professional educational resources for children, youth and families in Brazil. We will use this opportunity to continue to provide emotional and social support and development services, ever working toward our goal to help every family achieve success, health and happiness.